One Kit Wonder: Pop Punk

$59.00 USD

Kontakt player instrument - no additional software needed


Mix ready drum tones out of the box


Fully compatible with Native Instruments hardware


Master EQ, Parallel Compression and Reverb built-in


One Kit Wonder: Pop Punk is characterful and fun, capturing the youthful essence of the high-budget glory days of the genre, combined with the full fidelity and impact of modern recordings. Overflowing with attitude, expect high energy tones all around with a spanking high snare, compact and toneful kick and toms, and bright, shimmering cymbals that wash in just the right way.

One Kit Wonder: Pop Punk was recorded to painstaking levels of detail in the epic sounding live room of the Crescent Records Studio; the result is a virtual library dripping with realism and ambience. The library has been mixed to the point that it's delivering a knockout mix-ready punch without losing the natural sound of the kit, while simply rebalancing faders can offer wide variation in character to suit your production.

  • Kontakt Player Library (with full NKS integration) and can be used with Kontakt’s Free Player – no need to buy the full version of Kontakt to use GGD!
  • Mix ready drum tones - good to go out of the box
  • A brand new, fully-featured and intuitive UI
  • Built-in Groove player
  • Built-in Master EQ, Parallel Compression and Reverb
  • The entire kit is tuned to perfection, so you’ll never be fighting against sour notes in your mix
  • Every sample is phase-coherent for easy layering

It’s our hope that this sample library will remove frustrating barriers in your creative process so that you can enjoy making music to the fullest.

Neil Playthrough
Neil Westfall performs his composition for OKW: Pop Punk
Misha Playthrough
Misha performs his composition for OKW: Pop Punk
Joe Playthrough
Joe Hamilton performs his composition for OKW: Pop Punk


SJC Custom Maple 22x20"

SJC Custom Maple


Mapex Black Panther Brass 14x5.5"
Ziljdian A Custom Projection 14"
Ziljdian A Custom Projection 20"

Ziljdian A Custom Projection 18"
Ziljdian A Custom Medium 21"

Dream Lion China 20"

Dream Bliss Splash 10"



Simon Grove
Producer & Mix Engineer (Protest The Hero, Plini & Intervals)
One Kit Wonder is a no-brainer if you’re after instant mix-ready drum sounds. A crucial tool for the modern songwriter.
Jeff Dunne
Producer and mix engineer (Crossfaith, Cane Hill, Motionless In White)
Whether I’m aiming to reinforce or replace the shells of a recorded kit, add depth and space with room samples, or program a realistic sounding part from scratch, I know GGD will cover all my bases. The explosive room sounds and perfectly tuned toms are worth the price of admission on their own, and the Kontakt UI makes it a breeze to set up in any project.
Jeremy Reeves
Producer (Bruno Mars, Super duper Kyle, Foster The People)
GGD has quickly become part of my go to Arsenal for acoustic drums. The detail in these drum samples, as well of the comprehensive easy to use interface, makes for quick and efficient drum tracks in any genre artist that im working with. You would be doing yourself a disservice if these drums were not part of your production.


One Kit Wonder: Pop Punk Walkthrough
Nolly runs through the features and sounds available in One Kit Wonder: Dry and Funky
One Kit Wonder: Pop Punk Install
Quick guide on how to install One Kit Wonder: Dry and Funky
Neil Westfall Playthrough: Pop Punk
Mark Lettieri plays through his composition for OKW: Dry and Funky


Plug-In Formats
  • Mac OS X (64-bit only)
    Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX
  • AAXWindows (32/64-bit)
    Stand-alone, VST, AAX
  • Kontakt Player 7 -or- Kontakt 7 (latest version)
CPU Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.15 (latest update), i5
  • Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit) Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • An Internet connection and a graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.1 or higher are required to download and activate this product. Once installed and activated, the product can be used offline.
  • 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended for large KONTAKT Instruments)
Supported Interfaces
  • Mac OS X (64-bit only): Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX
  • Windows (32/64-bit): Stand-alone, VST, AAX
  • Kontakt Player 7 -or- Kontakt 7 (latest version)
Required disk space
  • 1 GB for Kontakt Player
  • 4.1GB for OKW: Pop Punk Instrument