Invasion Walkthrough
Nolly takes us through all the features of the Invasion
M&M Walkthrough
Nolly runs through all the drums and features found in Modern & Massive.
Why drummers should embrace drum samples
Why choose between virtual drums and a human drummer when you can have the best of both worlds?
Stoner Rock Demo
Dez shows us a different side to Modern & Massive in this stoner rock demo.
Drum Mixing with Adam Bentley
Adam Bentley runs you through his approach to mixing drums with Modern & Massive.
Misha Mansoor (OMNOM) M&M demo
Misha shows us some of his favourite drum tones from Modern & Massive on this video.
GetGood Drums Matt Halpern
We sampled over 20 of Matt’s favorite drums and cymbals, all meticulously recorded by Nolly and phase-coherent for easy layering.
Modern & Massive Review by Adam Train
Adam Train gives you a look at Modern & Massive in this in-depth review.
Augmenting live drums with samples
Simen Sandes shows how he augments recordings done in his small studio with Modern & Massive room sounds.
GGD Apple Mac Install
Quick guide on how to install the Mac Version of GGD!
GGD Windows Install
Quick and easy guide to show you how to install GGD on Windows