One Kit Wonder: Brutal – Product Walkthrough
Sit down with Nolly as he walks you through the sounds and features of our latest Drum Library!
STUDIO CABS: CONTENDERS ROUND 1 - Full Walkthrough with Nolly and Francesco Filigoi
  Nolly and Francesco Filigoi guide you through the new GGD Studio Cabs release: 'Contenders Round 1'.   ✅ A selection of 8 of the best recording 4x12s ✅ Seven independent channels to craft your ...
Joe's Approach to Rock and Metal Synth/Sound Design
  Joe got a few requests to do a walkthrough of his process when approaching Synth and Sound Design in Rock and Metal. So sit back and enjoy this longform video where he shows you 3 different sub-...
Misha writes with the new Modern Prog Grooves by Aric Improta!
Check out this video of Misha writing some riffs to the new Modern Prog Grooves by Aric Improta.
The Nolly Bass Library Walkthrough
  The Nolly Bass Library available now ▸▸▸ ✅ Kontakt Player Library (with full NKS integration) and can be used with Kontakt’s Free Player – no need to buy the full version...
Misha Mansoor - 'Dracul Gras' PV Playthrough Mix Tutorial
Join Misha as he walks you through another PV Matt Halpern Signature Pack mix, this time featuring the Dracul Gras playthrough. Sit back, relax, and follow along as he shares his insights and tips.
PV Matt Halpern Signature Pack: Misha Mansoor 'Ultimatum' Mix Walkthrough
Here's Misha walking you through his mix process for his PV Matt Halpern Signature Pack demo: 'Ultimatum'. If you're an old Bulb fan, you may remember this track!
Routing GGD in Kontakt 7
We've got some questions about how to route GGD libraries in Kontakt 7 - so Joe has sat down to walk you through the process. In this tutorial he showes you how to route individual channels out ...
Nolly Mix Masterclass: Wildfire by Periphery
In this free mix masterclass, Adam "Nolly" Getgood walks through his mix for the Periphery song "Wildfire". There is however a slight twist - the main drum performance has been replaced with a pr...