Last week Joe put up a post in our Facebook Forum asking for some questions from the community then put together this new FAQ video! If you want to participate in videos like this, you can join ...
Mixing Hardcore with Modern and Massive!
In the next installment of genre based mix walkthroughs - here's Joe showing you how to mix Modern and Massive inside a Hardcore setting!
Mixing Pop-Punk with Invasion!
Joe was perusing the GGD forum and saw a bunch of people asking for a Pop-Punk mix tutorial... so he went ahead and made one! In this tutorial he uses our 'Uber-Metal' library: INVASION - but the t...
Using distortion on drums?!
You may not think of distortion as being a useful tool when mixing drums but using a little bit here and there can go a long way to adding some grit to your mix! In this video, Joe runs you throu...
Processing One Kit Wonder Libraries for Drum 'n' Bass?
A couple of days ago Joe posted a clip of a Drum 'n' Bass mix he was working on, using OKW libraries, in the Facebook forum and asked if they'd like a tutorial... well here it is! Find out how yo...
Alter the Tuning of One Kit Wonder?
Joe (IG: @joe_ggd) has seen a couple of people asking if you can tune the drums in our One Kit Wonder libraries, so he decided to show you that YES you can and exactly HOW to do it.
Programming Flams with OKW: Architects
We saw some people asking about how to program drum flams with the One Kit Wonder libraries - so Joe figured he'd sit down with the new One Kit Wonder: Architects library and walk through how he pr...
One Kit Wonder: Architects Walkthrough
If you're wanting to hear the sounds of One Kit Wonder: Architects without any kind of backing and also learn some more information about the product, this video's for you!