Tech Metal Grooves Walkthrough
Joe walks you through the new Tech Metal Grooves by Navene Koperweis! In this video he you shows a bigger variety of the grooves available in the pack and tells you why he thinks this pack is sic...
Song Production Tips with GGD Studio Cabs: Zilla Edition
In this video, Joe (@joe_ggd) shows you a unique way you can use Studio Cabs: Zilla Edition to create section transitions in your song!  
GGD Studio Cabs: Zilla Edition 1.1.6 Walkthrough
Joe's here to walk you through the GGD Studio Cabs: Zilla Edition 1.1.6 update! He shows you what the software does, and what has been added in the 1.1.6 update! Existing Zilla Edition customers ...
How to Program Realistic Snare Rolls!
Joe sits down and shows you how to program a realistic snare drum roll! As always, the secret is in the velocities, but why and which ones?!  
Joe's Personal PIV Matt Halpern Sig Pack Template Mix Walkthrough
As asked for by the community, Joe (@joe_ggd) sits down and walks you through his personal mix template for the PIV Matt Halpern Signature Pack! Sit back, relax and get some learnin' in ya head!  
How to Program Quick and Easy Metal Drum Fills!
Here's Joe sitting down and showing you how to program and expand on an easy but VERY effective drum fill for Metal!! In this tutorial Joe uses the One Kit Wonder: Metal kit.  
2 Ride Cymbals in OKW: Metal?!
In case you wanted to put more 'metal' into your OKW: Metal - (literally and metaphorically) Joe sits down and shows you how to add in a second ride cymbal to play with!  
One Kit Wonder: Metal - FAQ Video!
Joe asked for any questions about the new OKW kit in our Facebook forum - which can be found at - so in this video, he answers them! Go and get One Kit Wonder: M...
OKW Metal: Walkthrough
In case you are yet to pick up the new One Kit Wonder: Metal library, Joe has sat down to walk you through what it sounds like, what the kit is made up of and what you get with the library!