Misha Writes using Modern Fusion Grooves by Chris Allison
Misha took some time to write a killer track using 2 of our brand new products! The One Kit Wonder: Modern Fusion and the Modern Fusion Grooves by Chris Allison MIDI Pack!  
How Misha Mansoor Creates and uses Cubase Drum Maps
In this video, Misha walks you through his steps to setting up and then utilising Cubase Drum Maps!  
Misha's Guitar Tracking Tips!
In this video, Misha shows you the tips and tricks he's using to ensure maximum flexibility, mixability and quality!  
Misha Mansoor puts Smash & Grab 2.0 on Everything!
In this video Misha demonstrates just how versatile Smash & Grab 2.0 is simply by putting it on everything.  
GGD Studio Cabs: Zilla Edition Walkthrough
The journey to find your sonic identity as a musician and producer is one full of technical and engineering challenges. These obstacles ultimately disrupt your creative headspace and workflow. In...
How to dial in gain!
How much gain is the right amount of gain?! Well Misha Mansoor is here to help, by showing you HIS technique when it comes to dialling in the perfect amount of gain for the job.   
Smash and Grab 2.0 Walkthrough
In this video, Joe shows you the new features we've packed into Smash and Grab, what they do and what they sound like!  
Nolly Mix Masterclass: It's Only Smiles by Periphery part 2
In this free mixing masterclass Adam "Nolly" Getgood walks through the Periphery song "It's Only Smiles" - with a twist! All the drums have been replaced with programmed versions using the P IV: ...