One Kit Wonder: Metal - FAQ Video!
Joe asked for any questions about the new OKW kit in our Facebook forum - which can be found at - so in this video, he answers them! Go and get One Kit Wonder: M...
OKW Metal: Walkthrough
In case you are yet to pick up the new One Kit Wonder: Metal library, Joe has sat down to walk you through what it sounds like, what the kit is made up of and what you get with the library!  
Beyond Prog Grooves Walkthrough
In this video, Joe sits down and walks you through the new Beyond Prog Grooves MIDI pack we released on Monday! He shows you the different tempos and time signatures, examples from numerous songs...
Misha's FAQ Video!
  Misha put up a post on our Facebook forum asking for your questions then put together this video answering them all! If you're not a member of our forum, go to and...
OKW: Aggressive Rock FAQ Video!
Joe sits down and answers your questions about our latest library: the One Kit Wonder: Aggressive Rock kit! If you want to be in on these types of videos, make sure to join our Facebook forum at ...
THE FRANKENKIT - Blending GGD libraries with Misha Mansoor
In this video, Misha shows you how he stacks multiple libraries in Kontakt to create a custom kit that has a unique character that you can tweak with almost limitless possibilities!  
Nolly mixes One Kit Wonder: Aggressive Rock
In this video Nolly sits down and shows you just how much (or lack thereof) processing is needed to make the One Kit Wonder: Aggressive Rock library sit perfectly in the mix.  
Ableton Live Stock Plugin Mix using Modern Fusion with Chris Bedan
GGD user Chris Bedan put together this in depth - step by step video showing how to put together a killer mix using One Kit Wonder: Modern Fusion using nothing but the stock plugins inside Ableto...