Invasion: An in-depth look with Adam Train
  In this video Adam Train takes a look at the Invasion giving a users perspective on the latest GGD library. 
Programming realistic snare fills
  In this video Joe takes us through the steps to help program more realistic sounding snare fills to help your drums flow as well as adding excitement into your composition. 
Rabea Massaad Invasion Playthrough
  In this video Rabea Massaad plays through this crushing track inspired by our latest drum library, Invasion. 
Invasion: Using built-in Triggers
Drum triggers - some people think that’s like saying a bad word, however, triggers were crazy popular on early 2000 metal albums! The question is, are triggered drum sounds STILL useful to the m...
GGD: Invasion GGD E-Kit Integration
Joe shows how quick and easy it is to setup an e-kit with Invasion.
Invasion: Nolly guided walkthrough
Adam "Nolly" Getgood takes you on a guided tour of Getgood Drums' Invasion kit. Available now.
Creative Drum Processing with Derya Nagle
Derya takes a look through two examples showing how some broad processing can dramatically change the sounds from the Modern & Massive drum pack.
Super Quick Drum Mix with Misha Mansoor
Working quickly and efficiently is a very important part of the creative process. Spend too long worrying about the technical side of things and you may lose your flow In this week's video Misha e...
GGD Founder Profile: Misha Mansoor
A candid interview with Misha Mansoor, one of the co-founders of GGD, discussing his journey and hurdles writing and creating music.